Our Funds

Consistent with its Friendly Society origin in 1852, Foresters Community Finance Ltd (Foresters) has focused on helping communities to help themselves by providing fair and accessible community finance for the last twenty (20) years. Social Investment Australia Ltd (SIA) is the funds management arm of Foresters, creating and managing mainstream investment funds, supplying capital for community finance provided by Foresters.

Social Enterprise Finance Fund

This vibrant and purposeful fund provides loans to social enterprises who are looking to grow and develop. As the fund grows so do the outcomes for social enterprises. The result is greater social impact in the community and financial returns for investors. Each dollar invested is recycled when loans are repaid, creating a multiplier effect on social outcomes.

Social enterprises are led by an economic, social, cultural or environmental mission consistent with a public or community benefit.

Social enterprises trade to fulfil their mission and reinvest the majority of their profits.

Community Finance Fund – Non Profit

One of the key objectives of the Foresters group is building the strength of Non-profit Organisations in our community.

Community Finance Fund – Social Enterprise (closed)

This fund ($10.3m) provided investors with exposure to a diversified finance portfolio. The portfolio included commercial mortgage loans, enterprise loans and interest-bearing cash deposits.